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Playing with Words

It all began with the Brexit bus,
Promising aid to our NHS,
Bold phrases fuelled by repetition,
Key details lost by subtle omission.

Rejecting the notion of ‘Lacking trust’,
Politicians prefer to be ‘Levelling up’, with
‘World-beating stats’ and ‘Record highs’,
Even as Covid continues to rise.

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‘What Happened’, by Hillary Rodham Clinton – A Review

In ‘What Happened’ Hillary Rodham Clinton sets out what went wrong – and why – in her campaign to become the first female POTUS. It’s a fascinating read. Like many, I was shocked that she lost. Since then, I have been further shocked by the number of Americans who have told me how much they really didn’t like her. This was news to me, so I was doubly interested to see how she came across in the book. Continue reading

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