Playing with Words

It all began with the Brexit bus,
Promising aid to our NHS,
Bold phrases fuelled by repetition,
Key details lost by subtle omission.

Rejecting the notion of ‘Lacking trust’,
Politicians prefer to be ‘Levelling up’, with
‘World-beating stats’ and ‘Record highs’,
Even as Covid continues to rise.

Actions do speak louder than words,
So certain deeds are oft denied,
Don’t mention ‘Parties’ if you please,
It was just ‘Work, with wine and cheese’.

Ignore how funds can help furnish a flat,
Or open doors to the House of Lords,
Not forgetting that line of VIPs,
Winning costly contracts for PPEs.

The voters, finally, did take note,
As seen in that goodbye election,
Some said it was time to mediate,
But our leaders prefer to media hate.

Many lieutenants have since left, as in
Frost the No man’s festive farewell,
So, will there be more Cummings and goings?
The list of grudges is certainly growing!

Boris’s bluster tinged with lustre,
Briefly lurched into bumbling buffoon,
No longer surrounded by loyal allies,
He tends to rely on well-worn lies.

We witnessed too the stumbling silence,
The sputtered praise for Peppa Pig,
Plus, pleas to have those second jabs,
While they protect their second jobs.

Forget the rules the rest of us follow,
Boris now has his own set of values,
To deal with all claims of dalliances,
He welcomes cheques and balances.