Fine Lines

Why, they ask, was the gathering wrong,Just a few people for not very long?Happy Birthday with a slice of cake –It seems their rules are theirs to break. On Fridays at 4 they held Wine Time,For the rest of us that would be a crime,Empty bottles piled up in those bins,Offer yet more proof of …

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Playing with Words

It all began with the Brexit bus,Promising aid to our NHS,Bold phrases fuelled by repetition,Key details lost by subtle omission. Rejecting the notion of ‘Lacking trust’,Politicians prefer to be ‘Levelling up’, with‘World-beating stats’ and ‘Record highs’,Even as Covid continues to rise.

The Bat That Bit

Yes, I’m the one: the bat that bit, An act that landed quite a hit, If I had known what would unfold, Perhaps I’d not have been so bold.   Since all of you love global travel, It didn’t take long for life to unravel, At first the spread felt fairly slow, But by mid-March …

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You fed me with a spoon that day, For the first time.  A tear in your eye, Delight at that memorable milestone, And all those yet to come – Such as learning to talk and handle a fork. Then, I’d make that walk to school and see My world open up in the blink of …

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Not Working

There are few jobs left for the boys, nobody can relax, even if some do find work, we make them pay more tax. Face the fierceness of cuts ahead, girls crash glassy ceilings, bosses say ‘I must let you go’, no room at all for feelings.


You’re hiding down there in the dust and the dirt, A parcel of Helmand, all primed to deliver, In that split second you burst through the sand, Searing and ripping your random selection, Somebody’s future sucked up in your swirl, So his family soon will be softly informed.