Fine Lines

Why, they ask, was the gathering wrong,
Just a few people for not very long?
Happy Birthday with a slice of cake –
It seems their rules are theirs to break.

On Fridays at 4 they held Wine Time,
For the rest of us that would be a crime,
Empty bottles piled up in those bins,
Offer yet more proof of lockdown sins.

They ignore the howls of Partygate,
Say they simply drank while working late,
So what if they lugged in wine by the case?
It takes much more to bring on disgrace.

Juniors and women were fined the most,
Even though the PM was officially host,
For while his critics fume and foam,
His get out’s that Number 10 is home.

So, he raised a glass at a leaving do,
If that was forbidden, no one knew,
A broken swing, a cheese-filled platter,
None of the evidence seems to matter.

Since Boris had only a single fine,
He feels he has no need to resign,
Besides, he’s sorry, truly humble,
Time to move on – and on he mumbles.

We’re now ruled by a toxic culture,
Constantly fuelled by media vultures,
But Boris and chums, do take note:
It is we the people who have the vote!