The Bat That Bit

Yes, I’m the one: the bat that bit,
An act that landed quite a hit,
If I had known what would unfold,
Perhaps I’d not have been so bold.

Since all of you love global travel,
It didn’t take long for life to unravel,
At first the spread felt fairly slow,
But by mid-March was in full flow.

Some tried to claim it was only flu,
Then as deaths mounted, panic grew,
And with the need to lay the blame,
China became the place to aim.

All eyes were on the NHS,
A lack of beds the latest stress,
In care homes too the stats were stark,
The future for your old looks dark.

The crisis led to lockdown rule,
And all the kids missed out on school,
As parents watched from their front room,
Soon everyone knew how to Zoom.

An easy fix across all lands:
Spend 20 seconds washing hands,
Leave home no more than once a day,
And from each other keep away.

With shops shut down, nowhere to eat,
Finance had never seen such heat,
That this could last year after year,
Has turned into your greatest fear.

What once was right was then all wrong,
U-turns the way to move along,
Covid’s still here, man’s still no wiser,
Let them have fun, but please wear a visor.

So, how would that work? I hear you ask,
Hold back this virus with a mask?
The death toll rises day by day,
A second wave is what they say.

POTUS even suggested bleach,
Such are the depths to which he’ll reach,
Caring little about the fatalities,
Relies instead on ‘herd mentalities’!

Finding a cure – the vital race,
Plus beat the world to test and trace,
But will you do good and show you care,
By making vaccines free to share?

As human health falls to the floor,
Economies slump, job losses soar,
All around continues to crash,
Normality gone in one quick flash.

Covid 19 is now your fate,
A pity you left it all so late,
If my small bite did that to you,
Imagine what the next could do!